The Soul of Vietnam

Published in Vietnam by The Gioi in a 1st limited edition of 500.
Available now!  A small number of the 1st limited edition signed copies are available in the U.S. direct from the author. More details about the book are below including the Essay by Nguyen Qui Duc that comes as a twelve page booklet together with the book.

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The Soul of Vietnam is a 180 page hardcover coffee table photography book with more than 140 images by the author/photographer.  The Soul of Vietnam  amplifies on the author’s concepts and experiences of contemporary Vietnam. Lawrence D’Attilio states, “I had no intention to create a journalistic view of the country, instead I wanted to describe the people, country and culture from my subjective understanding”.

The author is joined thru the book’s Foreword by Joseph L. Galloway, the widely regarded military affairs columnist and author of “We Were Soldiers Once – and Young”, co-authored with General Hal Moore.

Photographers do write sometimes and D’Attilio has included a number of his experiences as anecdotal stories  in the final pages of the book.

In the collaborative spirit of Vietnam culture, the 1st edition of this book is accompanied by a 12 page booklet that includes an essay about Ha Noi by the esteemed author, poet and artist Nguyen Qui Duc.   The booklet contains some additional photographs by D’Attilio but in black and white.

The book’s images mitigate the decadent ideas many people have about Vietnam. Today it is less a place of rice fields, disenfranchised peasants, and backwards economics. It also is not a country of overwhelming social conditioning determined by a paternalistic government. It helps to know it is the world’s thirteenth largest population and among the fastest expanding economies. It is endless beautiful sand beaches, very high mountains, a greatly expanded middle class, and a culture that beckons you to go there and stay for a long time.

Each image in the book is a contribution to a fresh understanding of Vietnam.  The five-fold increase in population since 1975 can be considered one of history’s greatest human accomplishments.

About Vietnam’s The Gioi Publishing 

Vietnam’s foreign language publishing house, was established in 1957 to introduce readers around the world to Vietnam through publications in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese and Esperanto. It also now publishes bilingual books and books in Vietnamese.