From Nothing Comes Something – Part 1

Can we talk about the experience of getting an inspiration?

We’ve all experienced it: when a clear idea, visual picture, or feeling appears in our mind out of nowhere, very suddenly, forcefully, and often when we are distracted by something at that time.  The new age writer, Deepak Chopra, wrote that this type of experience often occurs in the silence between the thoughts. (Can we assume then that Mozart and Shakespeare had many mental silences)? Chopra suggests that these brief moments of creative magic indicate that there’s a higher consciousness we are normally not aware of lying at a higher level, above conscious thinking.  He asks, “Who is the thinker behind our thoughts?” or “who within you decides what you should think about?” Perhaps this concept appeals to you as a way to understand the inspirational process in your work as an artist. Continue reading From Nothing Comes Something – Part 1

Experiencing the Arts as Spatial Self-Awareness

The visual and performing arts have more in common than I think is discussed in writing. Some philosophers distinguish the two areas by referring to the performing arts as the temporal arts and the visual arts as plastic arts.  They think physical time makes the difference, that the audience determines the timing of their experience with visual arts but cannot with the productions on stage. Continue reading Experiencing the Arts as Spatial Self-Awareness