Lawrence D'Attilio


Daring describes Larry D’Attilio, a mid-career artist who prefers to explore processes, forms and expressions in photography and installation art. Much of his past and present work is in traditional photography but for expressive growth he also seeks diverse projects and opportunities through abstraction in his art

His career has incorporated image making in many U.S. cities, the countryside, and through photography projects in other countries. His work in Vietnam from 2006 through the present is noteworthy for the types of  projects, daring new expressions, and depth of experience in the country. Through the 2006 – 2018 period he has invested 54 months in that effort. More recently he has been gathering images about the Southwest for an abstract project called EarthAirSea that advocates for sensitivity towards the environment. Other key projects have covered women’s issues, confronted the way humans see, and anticipation of the industrial base loss of the upper Midwest U.S. Cities.

“The Soul of Vietnam” is Larry’s first published photography book and is also a 60 image exhibit that is offered and has traveled to museums for solo exhibits.


Larry has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Louisville and did further studies in art at the University of Wisconsin. His photography mentors were Ansel Adams and W. Eugene Smith. Currently he credits the growth of his abstract expression to his ongoing association with ex-pat British artists residing in Los Angeles.  He is a native of New York City. Larry spent many career years in the upper Midwest and has been residing in Los Angeles in recent years. He has been working full time as a professional visual and performing artist from the age of twenty

Larry is described as daring because of his other life experiences. He feels they influenced his art making through cross discipline thinking.  These include being an aircraft  pilot, major symphony orchestra musician, photography gallery director, U.S. Supreme Court Plaintiff, labor negotiator, and more.  Also as a Rotary Club member for 18 years he  had helped raise significant funding to support 1600 poor women starting their own businesses in Vietnam through micro-loans.

Art is a tradition in Larry’s family. His father Anthony was an artist best known for his carved glass eagle designs at the center of the ceiling domes in the U.S. Congress house and senate chambers. Larry is married to Pamela Bayard Foard, a classical violinist.  One of his four sons, Aubrey Foard, is the Principal Tuba of The Baltimore Symphony. Other sons are Daniel, Matthew, and Galen whose careers cover medical technology (Intuitive Surgical), private investment funds (Pegasus Partners LLC), and online video streaming (Viacom –

Larry thanks an anonymous patron family, The Ford Foundation, The Underwood Foundation, The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Fractured Atlas, Pegasus Partners LLC, StudioMKE,  Hahnemuhle Fine Art and others for the grants or in-kind support of his artwork over the past 14 years.