Lawrence D'Attilio


Larry D’Attilio adapts the processes, forms and expressions of the photography medium. His wide range of art features montage, constructed images, cross media installation and, as on this home page, typical camera-images. This expanding exploration is partly a result of his overlapping earlier careers as a classical musician, and aviator.

Larry obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Louisville after receiving guidance from his  father, Anthony. Anthony’s most visible art works are the interior ocular panel designs in the domes of the chambers of the U.S. Congress Senate and House of Representatives, produced on glass by Harriton Carved Glass of New York, in which he was a partner.

Unmistakably Larry’s visceral style is influenced by his earlier independent studies with Ansel Adams and W. Eugene Smith. In the 1970’s most of his work was produced on large format film and printed by him in wide format on an automated processor he invented and constructed. He adopted computer-driven editing printing in 1998 leading to his interest in constructed images. Since 2006 much of his art and exhibits have related to Larry’s yearly multi-month stays in Vietnam working in the contemporary art movement of Hanoi.

Larry thanks The Ford Foundation – Vietnam, The Underwood Foundation, The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Fractured Atlas, and others for their grants supporting his work in Vietnam.

Larry has taught photography in the continuing education sphere since 1971 and currently teaches one on one and at workshops he organizes in the U.S and Vietnam.

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