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Los Angeles April 2019>

 Projects that seem to go on and on? The abstract project “The New Global Women has had four stages of development. The first was exhibited in 2010 and experimented with various forms of presentations. materials and early abstract ideas. Two more stages each with more than 15 new images showed an increasing interest in abstraction. The fourth stage began in late 2017 and is getting close to finishing now. It will be at least 26 art works available in two forms, with large canvas prints made in an edition of only and the largest ones having image dimensions 4o x 60 in. Medium and smaller prints will be made in editions not exceeding nine and are printed on excellent fine art papers. It is anticipated that this final stage of the project will be available to collectors, patron and galleries by mid June this year.

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Los Angeles Feb. 2019>
“The Soul of Vietnam” was published in Vietnam by The Gioi publishers and  800 are in circulation. The first printing of 500 was  distributed in Vietnam with 110 brought to the U.S. and given to donors to the Kickstarter campaign, that raised the money for the printing costs. All of that first printing were signed. Only 20 of the signed books are left for sale in the U.S. Then a second printing of 500 was made available only in the U.S. starting in 2017 ,and had a few slight changes and were not normally signed. Only 100 of these are left. Both sets of 500 each have all the text both in English and Vietnamese languages.  The books from the second printing are available in the U.S. from Amazon or direct from Larry D’Attilio by notifying him on the CONTACT page of this web site.

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